Public Votes for Unicameral Committee Chairs?

by Rick M.

The Nebraska Legislature has 14 standing committees that are organized around various public policy areas in order to facilitate the processing of legislation. Currently, section 8 of Rule #3 of the Unicameral states: ” The chairperson of each standing and select committee shall be selected by secret ballot on the floor of the Legislature.” This secret ballot goes against the original intent of the Unicameral system in which The People were intended to be the “Second House, by not allowing transparency to those who voted in their respective Senators.

The Nebraska and Douglas County Republican Parties(and possibly others) have passed a resolution calling for all votes for Committee chairs to be open, public, and recorded. This change would end the practice that has resulted in an excessive number of anti-2nd Amendment Senators elected to those chairs, despite their small percentage compared to the total number of Senators in the Legislature.

Committee chairs are many times the ultimate decider of which bills will and won’t make it to the floor of the Unicameral for debate. As such, the NFOA encourages it’s members to write, call and email their Senators(whether Republican or Democrat) to insist that they strive to change this antiquated rule in the goal of bringing transparency to the Committee Chair selection process.

A PDF copy of this Resolution can be viewed here courtesy of the DCRP.

Click here to find your Senator

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The 104th Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to convene January 7th

December 9, 2014
Dear Member,The first session of the 104th Nebraska Legislature is scheduled to convene January 7th in Lincoln. Accomplishing positive changes on legislation affecting law abiding Nebraska firearm owners is the main focus of the N.F.O.A.. Our Legislative Committee is hard at work crafting bills and approaching Pro-Rights Senators to sponsor them.

One of our substantial problems in past sessions has been the inability to get common sense bills out of committee to be voted on by all 49 state Senators. We are cautiously optimistic that the group of recently elected representatives will aptly represent you, the hard working Nebraskan who still believes in freedom!

Have any Nebraska laws made it difficult to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights?

Which laws do you feel need addressed or eliminated all together?

Join the conversation and tell us your story at

In Liberty,Justin

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Public Land Target Shooting

by J. Cady

If you haven’t heard, this week Nebraska Game and Parks closed yet another group of WMA (Wildlife Management Area) lands to target practice. Hunting is still allowed at those lands under the Hunting Guidelines. The areas recently closed were Little Salt Creek and Little Salt Creek West Wildlife Management Areas and Helmuth Public Access Area (all NW of Lincoln).  We’ll share more information as we get it via Facebook and Twitter.

It has been a while since our WMA Range Committee has heard from Nebraska Game and Parks. Our contact at headquarters is Jeff. Jeff tells us that they have returned their attention to the WMA Sight In Range project now that the Boosalis indoor range is up and running on its own.

This time the designs were completed in-house with their own Engineering team. The project should be put out for bids yet this winter with anticipated completion by next summer.

You may recall, the NFOA donated $5000 to G&P for this project in 2013 when matching Federal grants were available. We continue following up on this project to ensure our money is put to good use.

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Welcome to the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

NFOA membership is open to all types of firearms owners as long as you are a resident of the state of Nebraska. Whether you are a trap shooter, long-range rifle shooter, concealed handgun permit holder, air gun, rifle and or shotgun hunter, NFA firearms enthusiast or belong to any other group of firearms owners, you are welcome to join our organization.

We are local firearms owners who have a personal interest in representing firearms owners rights in Nebraska. While there are much larger firearms owner groups and lobbyists, we have a personal stake right here in fighting for our rights. We do not have big money to fly in lobbyists from the coasts, we do not have the money to wine and dine Legislators, and we are just everyday normal Nebraska residents like you who want our voices to be heard by the various law makers. We will operate on what money is donated to us voluntarily.

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